Xbox One “HDMI in” Screen Freezing

The Xbox One with an HTPC via its HDMI in(running XBMC or some other software) is awesome.  Switching between Xbox games, Skype, Netflix and your HTPC is very smooth, and something I have waited a long time for. However, the early Xbox One firmware still has a few problems that need to be ironed out.  One of them is the "HDMI in video freezing on occasion.

I suppose that Microsoft did not want to be constantly processing the HDMI invideo feed (to prevent overheating?). So in the current firmware, any device connected via HDMIin must make some sound every ten seconds or so, otherwise the video feed will freeze until some sound is made.

I set up a simple work around for this, until Microsoft gets around to patching it:

First of all, I downloaded the 5 minutes of silence wav

Then created a simple bash script to constantly play this silent wav on my HTPC:

while [ 1 ] ; do
aplay 5minsilence.wav

With that no more screen freezing!

Happy Xbox One’ing!

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There are to Xbox One “HDMI in” Screen Freezing

  1. Wow thanks so much, I can’t believe it’s that simple. I’ve been reading for days people talking about the freezing being to do with 50hz/60hz and thinking that doesn’t sound right as all my videos play fine but menus constantly freeze up. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone mention that it’s down to silence!

    I haven’t tried the bash script yet but I’ve turned on XBMCnavigation sounds and no more freezing!

    Amazing, thanks again!

    P.S. that’s pretty shortsighted by Microsoft though…

  2. Yes, thank you! Hooking up my PC to the HDMI passthrough was the primary reason I bought one. I was extremely disappointed when the PC display would freeze after only about 5 seconds, and wouldn’t restart until I killed and restarted the TV app. With your workaround of playing a silent WAV on loop I was able to get things working perfectly! I really hope Microsoft irons this out in the next update.

  3. What is the easiest way to run the wave loop on a windows system? The bash script seems more for a Linux system. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Wow, this was a great help! I thought it was my video card acting funky. If you are running a windows based Home Theater Center pc and want to avoid the bash script in this solution, simply download the silence.wav file and place it in the “startup” folder (C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup). Then set the default program to windows media player and set the play option to repeat. The file will start when your PC starts and will repeat… 🙂 Thanks dude!!! Top notch fix.

    • Hey Seth,

      I just want to check, to have windows media player retain the repeat setting even when my Windows 8 system is rebooted do I have to do anything other than just open Windows Meida Player and click the repeat button and then for now on it will repeat until I change that option?

      Thanks again,

  5. HOLY TITS this worked, and works well. especially if your PC HTPC is always on like mine is. Just made my XBONE GODLIKE. THANK YOU

  6. How do I do this for something like Android… I have an android box plugged into the back and yeah no noise apps equal freezing everywhere

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