Xbox One “HDMI in” Screen Freezing

The Xbox One with an HTPC via its HDMI in(running XBMC or some other software) is awesome.  Switching between Xbox games, Skype, Netflix and your HTPC is very smooth, and something I have waited a long time for. However, the early Xbox One firmware still has a few problems that need to be ironed out.  One of them is the "HDMI in video freezing on occasion.

I suppose that Microsoft did not want to be constantly processing the HDMI invideo feed (to prevent overheating?). So in the current firmware, any device connected via HDMIin must make some sound every ten seconds or so, otherwise the video feed will freeze until some sound is made.

I set up a simple work around for this, until Microsoft gets around to patching it:

First of all, I downloaded the 5 minutes of silence wav

Then created a simple bash script to constantly play this silent wav on my HTPC:

while [ 1 ] ; do
aplay 5minsilence.wav

With that no more screen freezing!

Happy Xbox One’ing!

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