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Xbox One “HDMI in” Screen Freezing

The Xbox One with an HTPC via its ”HDMI in” (running XBMC or some other software) is awesome.  Switching between Xbox games, Skype, Netflix and your HTPC is very smooth, and something I have waited a long time for. However, …


Ubuntu network-manager wont start VPN at boot

I recently ran across a problem where network-manager would not start my VPN connection at boot, even though I have the ‘Connect Automatically’ option checked. It turns out this is an existing bug that has been around for a while, …

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Shell Script for recursive video transcoding

So here is the situation, you have a folder of videos in MKV format that you need demuxed and converted to avi’s using xvid codec and AC3 sound. How to do this? First step would be to run mkvextract to …

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